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Stripe Checkout line items

Hi, I need to know if I am able to add multiple items in Bubble editor dynamically for the Stripe line_items property?

Check this link for clarification: Stripe API reference – Create a Session

line_items is an optional array of hashes that has multiple child parameters for each item. I am creating a Stripe plugin and currently I take customers to the Stripe Checkout for only 1 item, in the Stripe documentation it is possible to have multiple items in the Checkout!

Let me know if I am missing something.

Any ideas guys?

Yes very possible when using the Stripe API call.

I cover this topic in my Stripe course when showing how to setup the Shopping Cart feature to provide users an ability to buy multiple (an unrestricted number up to Stripe 100 items restriction) items from the same seller.

Need to setup the call to accept JSON formatting for the line_items and need to use the formatted as text operation in Bubble to send it the formatted items and need the database setup properly to take the shopping cart contents and process them in order to send the correct parameters to the API Call.

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Thank you for the reply @boston85719 . I will check your link and test the implementation.

Have a good day! :slight_smile: