Stripe Credit Card

Hi, Is there anyway to show on my account settings the last four digits and name of the person whose credit card was added, so they know whether it saved and which cards they added? Also, is there a way to allow them to choose default credit cards to charge? And possibly delete ones that they dont want to use? I am starting to build an escrow-type system for my app.


Yes, you can access the current user’s stripe’s last 4 digits, for instance.

Currently, we only support having one card per user. If that’s a hard limitation we can talk about it (email us), but hopefully you should be able to do a lot with the current system.

Thanks a lot emmanuel! How would I access the last 4 digits? Also is there anyway to allow them to remove the card and add a new one?

Thanks :smile:

In the dropdown, pick current user, then stripe, then what you need. same to when you want to display current user’s email.

For the new card, just have them save a new card with the save credit card info action.

Have you done with escrow-type payment? How’d it go?