Stripe event canceled

What is the right way to fetch event whenever I cancel the subscription manually within Stripe? I’ve set something like this:

Do every 5 seconds when Current Users subscriptions:count < 1 but I have to reload the page everytime. I also tried setting up API workflow, not sure how that works. I’ve also setup a webhook in Stripe to only send customer.deleted.subscription event.

@levon can you assist maybe?

A Stripe webhook triggering a Bubble API workflow on Stripe’s “customer.subscription.deleted” event should be what you’re looking for…

Here’s the webhook setup in Stripe under the “Developers” tab, the black box should be replaced with your app’s URL.


And here’s the API workflow setup, where “id” is the event ID sent from the Stripe webhook. I’m then using the “Stripe - Get Event” API call to get the rest of the information contained in that event.