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Stripe.JS Subscription

I’m trying to get some help with getting my users on a subscription plan using Stripe JS 2. This is my work flow but Stripe charges my users & doesn’t add them to a subscription. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Show the screen shot of the step 3

Hey thanks for the response.

I believe the issue is that my work flow does not generate a Subscription ID

a customer? Show screen shot for step 2 where a customer is supposed to be created.

Sorry I meant to say it does not generate a subscription ID. Here is step 2 I have static data in here for testing purposes.

This is where I assign the Subscription ID:

The screen shot you sent for where you assign the subscription ID doesn’t look like it is coming from the workflow you posted originally. Your Step 4 in the original workflow is to convert a card into a token and after that you don’t have any other actions that would be the Stripe.JS - Subscription Item - Create

Not really sure what you got going on at this point.

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