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Stripe.js - The most powerful payments plugin for Bubble. 💳

Hi @hippodigi,

Stripe.js is focused on enabling custom checkout flows for applications. We’ll introduce support for Stripe’s Checkout service in the near future! :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’m using the newest version of stripe.js, where Stripe Token allows me to:

  1. create a customer and save their “Customer ID” in my database
  2. create a card and also save its “Customer CC ID” in my database

This structure allows my users to set up their customer profiles and use that credit card later, once they’re ready to order something through the platform.

Though, what bothers me the most is that I’m unable to show them which card they’ve used (last 4 digits and brand name). The only way I could display such information is if I allow them to create a Payment Intent or Payment Method.

@copilot Is “retrieving a card” in your plans any time soon? Or perhaps somebody else has some magical workarounds?


Hey @jberzinskas,

We have a large list of native API calls being made available in an upcoming update. We’ll explore adding improved support for card information via calls such as the one you’ve highlighted. :+1:

Thanks, guys! Will be waiting for that update :ok_hand:

Hi everyone,

@copilot I am looking to setup marketplace direct payment.
I have managd so far to setup the plugin and initate direct payment to the sellers.
But I am struggling to find an easy way to dispay to the user if the payment have succeeded or not. I have try to retreive payment intent status in front end but with no success.
Hope someone will be able to help.

All the best.

You can set webhooks for Checkout. I have not tried yet (I have to) but I guess you’ll have access to both the seller a’d the buyer id’s, so you/we should be able to reconciliate.

Another way to do is probably to store the checkout session ID and make an Api call to get the session status (failed / succeeded).

I won’t be able to work on before early January, but let’s follow-up!

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Hey @jonas2,

We have a course that highlights setting up payments end-to-end using Stripe.js and PaymentIntents. For more complex verification flows, webhooks are the best way to go which you can leave about through Stripe’s documentation.

For the future, we like to keep this thread clear for important notices and updates on plugin development from us. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Christophe_HK. I am currently trying to setup the webhook. But I am having an issue trying to get Request Data. I have raised the issue here : API Transaction verification

Let me know what you think.


Hello @copilot,

  1. Is it possible to use your plugin to charge and subscribe the user by redirecting it on the Stripe Chekout page ? I didn’t figured out how.
  2. Is it possible to store subscriptions status in my user database ?

Thanks. Théo.

Hey @theo.voglimacci1 ,

Stripe.js is focused on giving developers the greatest amount of control to enable them to build payment flows within their applications. We don’t support Stripe Checkout at this time.

Depending on your implementation, you can totally save subscription statuses to your database. :slight_smile:

But how to apply coupons with this plugin now? Have you removed it at all, @copilot?

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Did you get this to work? What’s the point of removing coupons? @copilot

I’ve discussed coupons with Copilot via Zoom session about 3 weeks ago. And they’ve said they would implement it within 2 weeks. I haven’t seen any updates yet, but maybe need to wait some more time

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Hi @vovahumnytskiy,

We did introduce support for Subscription Coupons and is now available for all to use. :slight_smile:

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Celebrating 4 years of Stripe.js :partying_face:

We thought it’d be nice to share this milestone with the Bubble community as it not only celebrates years of development leading to the most comprehensive payments plugin for Bubble, but also honors the special partners, sponsors, advocates and community members who made it possible.

Stripe is powering payments for millions of businesses around the world and Stripe.js continues to bring Stripe’s excellence to the Bubble community. If you haven’t considered Stripe for your application, take a look at Stripe’s easy guides or our own courses!

Payments are easier than you think with Stripe.js and we’ve got the services and resources to help you get set up if you need them. :blush:


Thanks the Plugin is awesome and the course about it “Platform Payments 2” explains everything nicely.

I just have a little issue because the “retrieve a person” data call is missing. To create a complete custom dashboard this would be necessary…