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Stripe.js - The most powerful payments plugin for Bubble. 💳

@mike28, good question! Take a look at Stripe’s documentation around tax collection. The Stripe.js plugin does have support for Stripe’s automatic tax collection features which could be useful to you as you walk through Stripe’s recommended ways of handling tax. :blush:

Security Guidance

Hey everyone!

On April 20th, 2022, we advised Bubble of a security concern with information cached in one of their frontend assets. Bubble loads a file with every page load containing information about the application from design elements, state descriptions, plugin keys and more. Upon inspection, we noticed some applications’ Stripe secret keys being exposed to the frontend, which could allow malicious individuals to execute actions within that application’s Stripe account.

Working with Bubble, we were able to test and deploy a fix for this critical security issue. The fix has been detailed in an email sent to any potentially at-risk application owners. Rolling your API keys is recommended but not necessary.

Directly, this security flaw was caused by Bubble’s infrastructure and not by Stripe.js nor Copilot. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest plugin versions to take advantage of the latest in security and features. :slight_smile:


how I put Apple Pay in my bubble app?

Hi @4clubltda, you can use Apple Pay and Google Pay easily with the Square Checkout plugin.

We’re also soon introducing Square Subscriptions, Square Invoices and Square OAuth plugins for even more easy-to-use payment options to choose from and integrate with your app.




I’m having an issue with displaying invoice dates. Any date. They either return as something like “1655253516” or they do not display at all as demonstrated in the photo.

My goal is to have a repeatinggroup of past invoices and display things like the amount paid, the date, etc. Can’t seem to get dates to show.

Is there something I’m doing wrong on my end?

Thank you

Been an interesting time trying to learn this plugin but I have fallen my way through creating a full marketplace with sellers and using Stripe Connect. One thing that has been weird though. When I onboard new sellers the “Stripe.js - External Account - Create” does not actually create the ‘ba_’ token. I set up a 2 step Workflow to test this directly and when I click the trigger the first time it does not do anything which causes an error inside Stripe - No token generated yet. However when I click the trigger again it does create a ba_ token. So what the heck is happening here? I am tokenizing the bank account and then creating the external account but its not working the first time.

The plugin is supposed to support this but there are no docs and the courses haven’t been updated. if anyone understands the niche workflow needs please do share!

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@copilot I have some errors that started popping up about a month ago. Looking at my logs, actions involving creating or updating Subscriptions run into an error that looks like this:

Workflow error - Plugin action Stripe.js - Subscription - Create error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘client_secret’ of null at eval (eval at build_function (/var/task/index.js:86:21), :148:66) at /var/task/index.js:349:23 at run_fn (/var/task/u.js:594:18)

These workflows worked fine previously. Nothing was changed about them and my keys haven’t changed either.

This has caused a bunch of issues in my billing infrastructure that I’ve had to fix manually.

Any idea what’s going on and how to fix it? Thank you for this plugin!

EDIT: Even though there was an error that stopped the whole workflow, the subscription does indeed get created despite the error. No error shown in Stripe logs.

@rod.danan I just had the same issue. I believe it was related to the “Retrieve Invoice” option. When I switched it ‘off’ the problem resolved. Not sure if that helps your implementation.

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 6.06.05 PM

Hey @rod.danan and @bryce1 ,

The issue you’ve identified was addressed in the most recent versions of the plugin. Hop over to your applications’ Plugins tab to upgrade to the latest and see if the issue persists. This issue surrounding invoice retrieval with Subscriptions was shared with us by users through a bug report, which is the way to go when you run into any technical snags with intended functions of the plugin.

If you continue to experience the issue above, please opt for emailing us directly vs. posting on this thread so we can investigate. :slight_smile: