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💳 Stripe Marketplace Express Checkout + SCA 3D Secure - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Fast and easy integration of Stripe marketplace functionality so that sellers can register with fewer steps and details to fill.

Creating a web app pretty much always requires an integration of a payment system. These systems might be rather simple or very complex, depending on your type of the app. Stripe is one of the best software platforms for that, whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform. Stripe’s meticulously designed APIs and unmatched functionality help you create the best possible product for your users.

Right now the solutions regarding Stripe API that are offered for Bubble users are very limited and require additional developing for the functionalities you want your platform to have. Not to mention that the existing solutions are not very well optimized when it comes to developing a more complex service.

This is where we decided to create a plugin that offers pretty much all the tools for setting up a medium to high complexity payment system with the optimization and the high performance in mind. You won’t need to install multiple plugins or developing additional basic functionalities that other plugins are lacking. Also we minimized the number of action calls to the minimum for achieving a faster performance and a more clean workflow.

Important Update 12-th of June 2020:
Now our plugin is 3D secure ready. “Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a rule in effect as of September 14, 2019, as part of PSD2 regulation in Europe, requires changes to how your European customers authenticate online payments. Card payments require a different user experience, namely 3D Secure, in order to meet SCA requirements. Transactions that don’t follow the new authentication guidelines may be declined by your customers’ banks.” We added a second element called SCA that can process payment calls using the 3D Secure flow.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page at:

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Hi @levon

Perfect timing! Thanks guys.


Here my friend


Thanks @nocodeventure you beat me to it :slight_smile:


Thanks Levon. Is there any possibility that Bubble will have an option to add commercial rights to Plugins? Would be helpful for me as a stand-alone developer to resell custom work on top of your work. (If you don’t mind)

I guess we wouldn’t mind, but not sure if Bubble is considering that at all.
for some reason can’t tag @bubble any more, the user seems to not exist :frowning:
I’ll try tagging Emmanuel though @emmanuel


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@levon, interesting timing here, we had some active conversations on stripe integration this week on the forum with @lantzgould and @JohnMark (thanks guys!)

Question for you. Does this new plugin allow for the following situation:
Ideally I would like to provide my users an opportunity to add different products from different sellers into a cart (not unlike Amazon). When the user is ready to buy they would checkout and I would like to process multiple “orders” on behalf of however many sellers the buyer is purchasing from at checkout.

The current bubble plugin seems to only allow for a singular charge of a buyer with those funds being attached to a singular seller – the product creator. But if I wanted to charge a buyer once, and disperse those funds to multiple sellers based on the order, can this plugin accomplish that?

Let me know if that makes sense!


@marktuff thanks for the question
i think you can do that even with Bubble’s plugin. but instead of using “payee is another user” option just create an API workflow with the stripe plugin action called something like “transfer” and there you can manually indicate users and amounts who you wish to payout to.
That way you can schedule a API workflow on a list, with the list being the sellers that need to be paid, and the API workflow will make those payments one by one.
Makes sense?


Hi @levon thanks for the response. Shoot that would be great,

I’m a little green with API workflows, and I don’t want to highjack your thread, but I’m not sure how exactly to set that up. I’ll have to spend some time and dig in on it, or perhaps start another thread so I don’t detract from yours.

To be clear, I originally wanted to make as many charges as there were sellers (e.g. “charge seller” workflow action x # of sellers), but what it sounds like you are saying is I should make one charge, and then transfer the funds via API workflow to the three sellers (or however many there are)?

yes, you can do both scenarios, whatever is more appropriate

there are already plenty of threads in this forum on API workflows on a list

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Hi @levon, thanks.

I just am not sure how to make the Stripe Transfer WF action work on a list. With regular bubble data types it seems more straightforward.

Below is the Transfer WF action for Stripe, that is in my API Workflows (triggered by Schedule API Workflow on a list).
It seems to me you can only do one transfer at a time.

In this case, would I be utilizing the “Only When” option to indicate to run only when Order #1, Order #2, Order #3… exists? And cap the cart at say, 5.

It sounds so silly, it has to be wrong, but I cannot think around this.

first you need to understand how “schedule API workflow on a list” works. There are plenty of threads around that on this forum. Please do some research - there are step by step explanations.
Once you learn that, then you can apply the Stripe’s transfer action in the same way. Of course you’ll have to apply filters to indicate which sellers have to be paid out to. API workflow on a list will run that action one by one on that list.

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@levon, this time a question for you on your plugin…

1.) Does your plugin allow for the user to stay within the app instead of being redirected to Stripe’s onboarding via Connect Express?

2.) Does the plugin allow for users to be charged from directly in the app instead of having to be redirected to Stripe’s payments form?

P.S. Thanks for your responses on “teaching a man to fish” above. I found out I had the wrong API Workflow action, and did NOT have the one on a list when I thought I did :man_facepalming: otherwise it would have been much easier. At least the expressions are straight now, though I am still getting errors with the scheduled workflows that is not allowing the transfer that I still need to resolve.


Hello @levon
Great timing with the plugin.

I just subscribed to this and tried testing.

  1. The stripe live keys dont work when I try to create a seller. It only works when I switch to Test mode and change keys to test keys. Any reason as to this?

  2. I then used the test keys, and I tried to get the Seller ID of the recently created seller just as you did in the editor demo but that didnt work. Note: This is exactly as is in the your demo. It seemed to run the workflow as it showed the blue loading alert at the top but at the end I couldnt see a seller ID.

Please help.

Check your privacy rules. If that’s not the issue then it might be a bug.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all for your interest in our plugin.

Regarding the question that appeared:


Yes, the plugin allows the implementation of both cases.


This issue may appear if not all verification process from Stripe was completed. In order to have your app verified for live, after the activation of the app, go to and complete all the requested data.

In order to find the cause of the issue please share a screenshot of the console of the browser after the workflow is initiated. Thanks

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team

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I don’t know if that helps. And thanks just saw the profile is undergoing review.

This is what I see on my stripe dashboard, I feel something is working but still cant see my seller id i just created

Thank you for sharing the screenshots. Unfortunately, it didn’t help to figure out what is the cause of the issue. If you don’t mind could you please add [email protected] as collaborators to your app? Also, please let us know on which page you want to see the Seller IDs. Our team will check the app in order to find a solution to the issue you encountered.

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team

Do you support 3d secure within the app?