Stripe metadata

Hi forum,
I am trying to get the metadata from a stripe charge. This is my current setup, but my app isn’t able to recognize the fiels I am detecting. Anyone a idea what is missing? I use a the Stripe PRO plugin from @doug.burden (Love the plugin!), but I also want to get the metadata.

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How are you triggering the event? You’ll need to include the metadata in the initialization request.

I am triggering the event by making a test payment.

What do you mean by this, and how can I implement this?

In that case just make sure you include the metadata in the test payment.

So in the API call to make the test payment include the meta data values.

Yes, but how can I do that? I don’t really understand it.

Because I also work with a plugin Stripe PRO, so I can’t edit the API calls. I have had it perviously set up, so it is possible.

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I’ve got no idea if any specific plug-ins support custom metadata…

If they do then you can include it within the plug-in action… you’ll have to refer to the plug-in documentation to see how to do it.

Thanks for your time Adam. The owner of the Stripe PRO plugin (@doug.burden) already helped me out, I didn’t look good, but there was a specific action for the metadata.

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