Stripe payment gateway

I have a few products that require one time payments. Each is set up to grant access to specific areas of the app. How do I make sure the user is only charged the first time they press the button.

Use a custom state to disable the button when it’s clicked.

When button is clicked > Set a yes/no state to “yes” (let’s say the state is on the button and is labeled “disabled”)

Condition on button: When button’s disabled is “yes” > check the box for this button is not clickable (this is a property you can select from the dropdown)

If the user is going to be redirected to another page, then there’s nothing else you need to do. But if they’re staying on the page and there’s a chance they need to pay for a new product, you need to change the state back to “no” at some point when it’s safe to do so.

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They need to be able to click the button again later without being charged again. Is what you said still applicable?

Oh, I see. You weren’t trying to prevent a double click. You just want one thing to happen the first time, and then another thing to happen every time after that.

You could:

  1. Use two buttons. Button A is visible only if they’ve never been charged and it runs the charge workflow. Button B is visible if they’ve already been charged and runs a different workflow.


  1. Use the same button but create 2 separate workflows when it’s clicked, each with an opposing condition. When Button is clicked only when user has not been charged > charge them." Then the other one would be “When Button is clicked only when user has been charged > do something else”

perfect! Thank you!

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