Stripe plugin + Buy Now Pay Later

Does Bubble’s Stripe plugin allow for Buy Now Pay Later options?

I have these options enabled in my Stripe dashboard, but they don’t appear when the payment page is launched from my Bubble app. Anyone gotten these alternative payment options i.e. Affirm, Clearpay, Klarna, to work in their app?

Stripe Payment Methods are turned on:

What is supposed to show:
Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 2.59.47 PM

What actually shows:

Are you sure you’re not on dev mode? I’m not sure if they populate when you’re not in production.

Am definitely in production mode. Any ideas from the @Bubble team?

Hi Sarabeth,

Great question! Buy Now Pay Later options aren’t currently available in our Stripe plugin, but we are continuing to update it, so I have raised this as a feature request to our team. Thanks for flagging this and we will definitely let y’all know about any future updates to the plugin!


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Amazing to hear it’s under active development. Thanks!

Would very much like this please.

Hi @michael.oppenheimer - has there been any movement with this feature?

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Hi @michael.oppenheimer! Any updates on enabling Buy Now Pay Later options in the Stripe plugin? Would much appreciate it! :pray: