Stripe Plugin Problem

I’ve just started using the Stripe plugin in my app, and am having an issues setting it up and getting it working.

I’ve set up my Stripe and Stripe Connect accounts correctly (as far as I can tell), but there is an issue within the app.

When setting the Strip Checkout Version to 'Checkout v2 (allows saved cards) on the plugin page within Bubble everything seems to be working fine.

But when setting it to ‘Checkout v3 (SCA-compliant)’ i get the following error message from bubble when hitting the Pay With Strip button in my app:

Stripe error: The provided key ‘sk_live_4Z******************K1i2’ does not have access to account ‘acct_1FFHk6IBxgAKVsSD’ (or that account does not exist). Application access may have been revoked.

As i say, it works fine on v Checkout v2 but not v3 (which is what I need)

Any ideas why this is? I’ve checked all the API and client IDs and they are all correct.

Thanks in advance

Take a look at by @ben16
It’s Awesome

Did you find a solution ? I’m facing the same problem. :confused:

For information, my problem was that I use stripe connect.

The seller account connection was not up to date, so the transaction couldn’t be performed. I renew seller account connection and problem was solved ! :slight_smile:

Hope it can help !

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