Stripe Sessions - Connect Webinar Overview

Just watched a great webinar from Stripe about Stripe Connect and how online SaaS business are expanding into turning into FinTech companies. A great overview for anyone building platform or marketplace business apps (and for Bubble themselves!)

There is even a quick piece on how to use Stripe Connect in a no-code way to test an idea without having to build any app yet still uses real payments.

You will need to register to access it but it’s worth it - Stripe Sessions 2021



Great recommendation thanks!

I signed up and there are many workshops there. Great stuff.

Which one covers no code?

The Session, “Embed payments in your platform or marketplace” had a short section they called no code which was mostly just creating payment links from the Stripe dashboard. Not quite Bubble level of no code :laughing: But a good reminder that sometimes you just need paying customers to validate an idea before fully building out an app

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