Stripe v3: Charge the Current User

The documentation here suggests that the email will ‘often’ be the current user. This suggests there could be times when it isn’t. Can there be?

I have a scenario where sellers using my platform may receive (I know, quelle horrruer) phone calls from buyers. They would like to collect the CC information and process payment. The buyer has no need to go on the platform, really. This is a B2B type of scenario.

Ideally, the seller could create a Stripe customer, an create an invoice for the buyer, and securely use the Stripe checkout screen on the buyers behalf. But as near as I can figure, “Charge the Current User” can ONLY be the current user. And if the scenario I need can be done at all it will be via a lot of custom code through the API Connector and a redirect over to the checkout page. Yes? No?

Payer email

Define the email of the user to charge. Often, it will be ‘Current user’s email.’

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This seems to be a use case for a Stripe standard or express connect account. This is supported by this v3 plugin. You just have to set it up on the Stripe side. Explore the forum on how to set this up.

It’s just the wording ‘Charge Current User’ that I think it confusing here.

Any email and card can be charged, but by saying ‘Charge Current User’ it actually means that the action will have the Current User input payment info. So in the situation where someone calls in an order, the Current User is an employee and they are inputting the charge information, but that Card Number and email can be provided by the customer calling in.

You can define any email when making a charge. Funny that it says in the docs that often it will be Current User’s Email because in my own application it is almost never ‘Current User’s Email’ and instead the email on an Order piece of data

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If that is the case, why is it that whenI am redirected to the checkout page the default email and credit card are those of the current user? I can’t seem to override it with any input values that get passed over into Stripe.

Maybe my test data isn’t set up correctly? But I would still think whatever value I put in would get passed over to the checkout screen

Hmm, not too sure then as I am actually still on the old one (in case bugs like this still exist).

They are still working out all the features of this and maybe still need to update around this part of the plugin:

I would follow up in that thread to see if they are only sending current user email or sending the email that you specify in the plugin

Strange. It will let me create a payment for a new customer once, but after that it ties the user login on Bubble to the Stripe customer. Even if you delete the Stripe customer, you will get an error saying the customer_id is not found.

did you fix it? I am having the same issue

I ended up building out a whole set of calls in the API Connector to do the job instead.