Stripe webhook data not updating and canceling plan

Hi I created a stripe subscription with a webhook ; but the webhook do not change the suscription status in the data-base ; i’ve watch countless videos step by step but stillnot working . Help me please !


Hi @jackncurious,
Are the other fields changing except for the status?

  1. If not, need to check the constraint while searching for the user.
  2. If yes, try using arbitrary text for changing the status instead of a dynamic value.

And do test it by deleting the subscription entry from stripe, ather than just cancelling the subscription.

Hi thanks for your response ! No ; all the stripes datas only change when I suscbribe test to a plan without a webhook . Here is my search for user

Ok, so you need to debug what actual data is coming in ‘Request Data’s object customer’ and what thing you are storing in ‘customer-ID’ after subscribing to the plan. These 2 things should be same.

Yes I did that , it’s exactly the same


I’m storing stripe customer id data

It seems to be perfect.
Let’s do one more thing.
If you have applied privacy rules on user, make sure to allow to be visible in searches publically.
And if still issue exists, try to change something in user via arbitrary text. like status = arbitrary text(in-active)

Sorry I do not know how to use arbitrary text ; I also updated the stripe api and still not working .

I checked the box" ignore privacy rules " of the API and it worked, thank you very much for your help and your time .

Yes, it’s because privacy rules are applied to your user table, and you didn’t allow viewing users in searches as I mentioned in my previous comment. Therefore, when you search for the user, the privacy rules prevent it from fetching the user.

You’re most welcome! I’m glad I could help you solve your issue. Thanks!