Structuring App Database

Hey :wave:and thanks in advance for your help.

Although I couldn’t find it, if this has been answered directly then please link below!

I’m building a basic application:
Type of Recipes (name/cuisine etc.)
Type of Ingredients (name/type etc.)

Essentially, I envision a new user to see a repeating group of recipes. Then, ‘schedule’ each recipe (date-picker) for when they want to cook and in doing so, the ingredients that correspond with each recipe are filtered in another repeating group.

I am completely ignorant as to how to structure the updates specifically to the current user.

Do I need an additional type for each individual recipe update?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Matt!

:pray: Appreciate it @boston85719 - I’m sure this comes up often.

I’ll start doing some more poignant research.