Struggling with saving integers in database. I think my workflow is wrong

Quite simply, I’m trying to save data to the database and one of the fields on my form only allows numbers (the thing’s type is also set to an integer). The number represents the length of time of something in minutes.

I can’t seem to get the field to save anything beyond a single integer. Here is my workflow in the backend which I’ve tried to play with. With ‘text’ as a type, it’s simply a case of that that thing’s value but this doesn’t seem to work with integers so I don’t actually know the correct option to select to simply save what ever is in the field into the database


Why isn’t what’s current in red correct for integers as it is correct for text (which you can see on the above and bottom that doesn’t throw up any errors).

Hi there, @JS7319… if the Assessment Length of Time (Minutes) field has a field type of number and the Responsive - Procedure - 7 element has a content format of integer, it should work. What does the issue checker show for that error?


Thanks again Mike. The reminder to check the field formatting is what I got wrong here - I don’t normally work with numbers in my app very much so everything is default to text. Changing this from text to integer got this fixed!

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