Stuck on correctly displaying toggle setting

Hello everyone,

I’m using a plugin called Better Toggle which is just an element with a sliding toggle bar. On my app you can create geographic locations, and users can manage their locations in a repeating group; one of the attributes I want people who upload a location to be able to toggle is whether it is “Live” or not. For that I am using yes/no in the data field.

The only issue I’m running in to is in accurately reflecting that attribute on the toggle button. For instance, a user can clicks the toggle bar (grey) to indicate the location is live and the bar turns green. After refreshing the page, the toggle bar goes back to grey while the location is still indicated to be live. I am trying to figure out what I need to do to get that bar to stay green and accurately reflect the current yes/no value for the live status.

I use a yes/no custom state (called Live Status) stored in the textbox in the cell of the repeating group and use a workflow based around the toggle button and that state to store the information on whether or not the location is live.



Then I define the value for the toggle button as the value of that custom state.


To me, it feels like when Live Status is ‘yes’, I should be able to refresh/exit the page, come back, and see the bar as green because it’s using that yes value.

After typing this out though, maybe it’s because the bar’s status (active/inactive) doesn’t correspond with a yes/no value?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

@matt.i.klinger You can refer to the following screenshots:
The workflow refers to marking an item in stock/ out of stock (In your case read it as Live/ Not live.

Remember to enable autobinding.


Then on the workflow tab do this:

You should get the desired results.

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