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Stuck on the same problem for weeks, really need help in solving this!

I am making a coupon website app where users can log on and get free language school coupons only having to provide there name and email address so we can send the coupon code to them! When a user clicks the get coupon button a pop up is triggered and this contains the inputs name and email. When the user clicks on the send button an email with the coupon code is sent to the email address! While this happens in the workflow I also want the click to be recorded in the database under the given coupon and also to be displayed as times downloaded underneath the coupon itself, I have exhausted all my avenues and I cannot get to the problem, does anyone know any way of helping me out? I have attached screenshots to the field below to give you a better understanding,
kindest regards,

If you could share the app (make it public or add someone as a collaborator) then that would be the best way to get help.

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How are you generating the coupons? Do they have ID numbers or are they referenced as a text?

Looks like possibly text - but anyway, here’s a thought:

Have a disabled input (or text box for that matter), display the title of the coupon
and when “Get Coupon” is clicked Make changes to thing… Do a search for Coupons (with constraints that say “text = disabled input value(or text box)”

Then do what your doing and have the changes add + 1 to your downloads

Then have a text box that displays a dynamic value of " Do a search for coupons download:count" with the same search constraints as I mentioned above

But like @NigelG said – best thing you could do is grant users some sort of access to your app or replicate it in the forum app.
Because I don’t really understand how your data structure works by your screenshots.

The app is public can I add you as a collaborator?

Here is the live development version of the application

Your approach looks fine to me. Have a field on each coupon with type being number, and increment it when the user clicks on Send. Did you go in the debugger and see why the number isn’t calculated properly?

I think the problem was that you didn’t have a “TimesDownloaded” thing set up to increment. I set one up and it looks like it now works.

However I think emmanuel is right, it would be better to have a data type of “voucher” set up which has all the voucher data on it (rather than having it on separate pages and fields 1/2/3 etc). You are sort of there with the “Coupon Sub Information” but I think you want to have “Schoolinfo” with a list of “vouchers”.

That way you can have as many vouchers as you like, and a single page that displays them (see tutorial on sending data to a page).

Happy to set something up so you can see how it might work. It will make building your app a lot easier :slight_smile:

Hi Nigel!
I would really appreciate it if you could set something up to see how mine could work if its not too much hassle on your side!
Kindest Regards,