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Student Discount

Hi I am currently a student and I am looking to upgrade my Bubble plan. I have heard that students can get a 30% discount and I was wondering how I would go about receiving this. Are these discounts also available to legacy plans?
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Hey @dylanwares,

You need to contact them by email, as mentionned in the pricing page :

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Hey @dylanwares,

Echoing what @Christophe_HK said, I had this account applied to my school account as well and how I went about it was contacting the Bubble Support team directly as @Christophe_HK directed at [email protected].

The discount is applied for both their legacy and current plans, but in order for the coupon to be applied to your account you need a payment method added first.

My recommendation:
If you haven’t yet reached out to the Bubble Team I would recommend inputting your payment method into your Bubble account then reaching out to the Bubble Team. Doing that will make the process faster. When I had the student discount applied I reached out, they requested for a payment method be added to my account, then I had to reach back out to get it applied.

Just a quick tip :blush:


Thank you for your help @johnny @Christophe_HK :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the information.