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Sub-operation between field or repeating group


I have a repeating group of items to purchase.
Each item has, among other fields: price, tax%, quantity.
Because I am using auto binding I don’t want to create field for each item that calculate Tot Netto and Tot Brutto for each Item (I would not know how to auto-bind them!).
Therefore I want to have a Text fiedl in the bottom that Calculates the totals of all the item in my list:
TOT NETTO: for each item. multiply price/unit and quantity and summ all of them
TOT BRUTTO: … add taxes.

Any idea how to do it?



Hey Jarrad, I saw your example in another post.
This is a kind of not general solution, but I have to put a limit to the number of items in the list (e.g. 20) and there sum 20 times the formula.
I was hoping that meanwhile bubble had developed a more general approach for very long lists…
but for now it will do…



No worries, maybe this might be worth looking at if you haven’t already,

Keep in mind a lot of things in bubble will still calculate even when hidden so maybe this table hidden could be a way out. Also have a look at the math.js and the toolbox plugins as math functions or JavaScript variables might help to knock down the code. Cheers


I found the function Calculate Formula/Sumproduct.
It works very well to calculate the Total Netto: Price * Quantity, but it is limited to ONLY two items!

But for Tot Brutto I need to multiply also the Taxes for each item.
@emmanuel, can be extended at least to 3 items!!! That would do the trick in a scalable and elegant way…

A total field for each record is the currently popular way to do this.

If you want to try the Toolbox’s “List Item Expression”:

field("Quantity") * field("Price") * field("Tax%") / 100

This will give a list of totals which you can then :sum.



this seems exactly what I need! but I cannot make it work.
The result of the ListItem Expression is a list of number right?

Therefore I create a text that visualize the sum

unfortunately I still get 0! :frowning:

It seems there is something in the way I call the field("") or value()… is there an example, a tutorial that can help me our? What I am suppose to use to call the data? The name used in the database editor? do I have to use underscore instead of spaces?

Please advise, thanks a lot!

I solved.

There is an issue in the name of the field in the database. Is that a bug?

I messed in the past with name of the fields, and delete some, but the system keep having them hidden.
If I copy and Paste a Data type, they all reapper in the copy and I could see there were two identical called “Price”.
I just renamed the one I was using as PriceNetto, and now everything works piece of cake.



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Yes, an example app, the data is a bit messed up from being played with: app editor

You can display the list directly in a text element, before doing a sum on it.

Interesting, perhaps the method it uses is vulnerable to field name changing or spaces. Thanks for highlighting that.

Well done getting it to work!


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