Sum a repeating group

Im stuck…
Can anyone advise on how to calculate the totals of each line of a repeating group?
I have a drinks pre-order form:
Drink Name… Drink Price x Items ordered = Total - Ive figured this bit out
However I cant sum up multiple totals to give a full amount due
Probably really easy - can you help?

Repeating groups list of items each items products price:sum

I think this above should do it

I’m pretty new but this should calculate total cost of all the items


Hi @paulgbray

Here is the solution for your problem… You can get the sum of item from each line of a repeating group by this method as shown in the screenshot.(Note the total data type must be in number the database).

Total showed in the screenshot is a simple group in which text element has been placed

Thank you v much for the replies… I think I need to revisit my data structure… i’ll revert back with either success or a request for more help!!! ;0)

No Problem @paulgbray :innocent:
If any further assistance is needed you can connect with me on LinkedIn
Here is my profile link:-

I really appreciate your help… still cant get it to work!
Attached is a pic of the repeating group… I’m trying to total the amounts in the right so that the total appears at the bottom (Highlighted)

please use sum instead of count ex. each item’s price:sum

The single greatest feeling ever…
Finally getting the workflow working after 2 weeks of trial and error…
Thank you for your help people…
annnndddd… breathe!

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