Sub Total For a list of products


I am have a list of Products on my ‘Online Delivery app’ However how do i create a grand total of products. and ensure that the Quantity ordered is reflected in the pricing.


Product Price Quantity
Apple 200 5
Fanta 350 2
Whiskey 700 8

Grand Total - 1250

I would like to create the Grand Total Calculation Workflow. But I am very lost. Please help.

ps. I have the information set up in a Repeating Group Displaying My products ordered in a POP up for the shopping cart.

Title (text)
Order line items (list of order line items)
Amount (number)

Title (text)
Price (number)

Order line item
Product (product)
Quantity (number)
Amount (number)

In a group called “total order amount” of type “number” you can do a search for order items constrained to belong to the order and you can use the sum operator to add all the line items amounts

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