Subdomain Problem!

Hi! I have a problem where I have tried to setup a subdomain. I have done the following and in my cpanel where my domain is hosted (Hostinger) I have setup the A host and everything. I cannot find nameservers for bubble anywhere? Do I need to set that up in my DNS panel in Hostinger?

I’m not familiar with Hostinger, but it may take a bit of time for the records to propagate. (With my registrar, it’s seems near instantaneous).

If you’ve entered the A record, give it a couple hours and then try back. That single A record should be all that you need to enter since you’re using a subdomain. (If you were not using a subdomain, it would also prompt you to add a www. A record)

It still doesn’t find its IP-address when I try to go to the subdomain. Its been 20 hours now. :frowning:

Any suggestions? @dan1

Can you post screenshots of what you’re seeing / provide a bit more detail? (Ie. when you go to the domain, what’s the error message? What’s your setup like in Hostinger?) Hard to debug with the amount of info here.

If you’re uncomfortable posting publicly, feel free to send it to me in a message.