Subquery "equal" doesn't work

I’ve encountered strange behavior of subquery - it seems to be some error of Bubble - or I missed something.

My query looks like this:


Result expected:

But result achieved:
all 5 users

However when I change subquery condition from “=” to “<>” like below:
Name <> “Patient”

Result is correct as expected:

Somone can explain what’s wrong?

Looks like a bug to me. Please report it to Bubble support. As a workaround for now though, ‘Contains’ seems to work.

Any chance the role in your database for “Patient” has a space after it or something else that might make it slightly different?

More of a feature than a bug.

“Contains” will get you round this.

As will…

Having a list of “Patient” Users on Role.
Using an Advanced Filter (have added this to the page).
PUlling back the Patient Role thing into a custom state on page load.

Yes, “Contains” works. Thanks.

Thanks! I was not aware of “Advanced” query option. This is great.


Why do you add quotes around Doctor? That’s why the search is empty, as shown in the debugger.

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