Subscribing users using braintree

Hello Bubblers,

Re: Subscriptions. What I’d like to do is set up a subscription service where the user can sign up with a 10 day trial and then set a mandatory state where the user has to be subscribed to a plan for a monthly invoice. I’ve tried connecting both Stripe and Braintree, and am currently trying BT, but the BrainTree Plan Name has not appeared in the workflow and thus I’m having 1 issue that cannot be corrected. What am I doing wrong? The reference mentioned that after some time the servers would be able to pull up the braintree account but that hasn’t happened yet. Is there a manual entry that needs to be done? Also, Can I set content to only be available if the user has a subscription? (much like when the user is LOGGED IN VS LOGGED OUT)? Or is there a better way to implement this?

Did you create the plans in Braintree? It should be done both in Sandbox and live mode.

How did you get around this issue?

I’ve created new authorizations keys, matched the plans on both Sandbox and Production mode and waited a bit for the servers to get updated. Still no plan name appears.

@akie ,

Honestly I switched back to Stripe and found it easier to work with (Mainly because the plan name showed up!!) Sounds like you might be having the same issue that I never figured out… sorry I cant help further.

I haven’t used BT with bubble yet, but I have used them in the past. Did you try calling them? I always had good experiences with their customer service

Hi @skylershelton!

Yes, I did try calling them. The I.Technician I spoke with at BT didn’t know about connecting the backend to bubble and getting the plan name to work. He directed me to the developer guides that I didn’t really know what to do with. That’s when I tried Stripe again and so far have everything setting up pretty nicely with them!

I had the same problem; the PLAN did not show up in the dropdown list in the WORKFLOW. I resolved the issue by simply reloading the browser window. Then the plan showed up.

Now, I am trying to figure out, what action I have to execute to get the return value from Braintree so I can write to the correct field. Any instruction or documentation link that is more detailed than the one provided?

Yeah I tried using Stripe as well, eveything works well for that. I simply don’t like the mobile checkout interface.The big blue button looks like the site was hijacked. I’m still having issues with subscribing the user to a Braintree plan though. Reloading the browser window didn’t work either.

Did you manage to solve this issue in your app? I spoke with Braintree and there is not much they can do from their side. Any ideas? Thanks

I can see this is an old post, but i guess people (like me) still had the same problem. I found the solution; you put the dev keys in the production window in the plugin settings in your backend of Bubble.

So for the Merchant ID - dev, Public key - dev. and Private key - dev. fields - put the dev keys you get from Braintree in there, and then copy and past the same dev keys in to the production fields for Merchant ID, Public key and Private key. Seems to work instantly.