Subscription commerce scheduling system

Looking for a freelancer to build a full startup product for (with) me.

  • Subscription
  • Scheduling
  • API to third party(ies) [depending on country] to place orders
  • Payments / user area / admin area / SEO / Analytics bla bla… the usual

I’m building a startup to help forgetful people not get in trouble by forgetting key dates.
User inputs key dates and gifts are sent to recipient automatically. There is a basic algo that randomises additional “surprise” gifts in between the key dates. Basic elevator pitch.

My mate uses bubble and recommends it highly. He recons is a 2 week job. We just had a call about it.

I’m looking for someone to build for (with) me. I’m a startup nerd and a bit technical, but learning this just isn’t a high RoI for me. I’ve mapped a lot of the product/user fields on paper. Can prob do something in invision to make clearer. We can discuss how I can best support you.

I will be involved as much as required to build efficiently. The product isn’t that complicated so it’s something you will be able to grok what it needs to do yourself easily, too (you prob want this for yourself!). And I’m easy going so if you have better ideas, you win.

Also, I’m doing this to teach founders how to build a tech startup (I run a startup blog). So I want to blog how it’s built so I can help inspire/educate potential founders to set up something themselves and quit their job. Would be cool if that sounds like something you value so we can document the process on my blog/youtube. You obv get featured to attract clients as added benefit.

Ping me if this sounds fun. I like to work with passionate people. I also have other things to build, so looking for someone I can keep working with to ship things and test what works.

I’m based in London for time zone. But I typically work late. Need English level to have functioning calls, I’m cool if not perfect.

Please ping me.

Hello Alexander,
Please check your PM.
Anna J

Hi Alexander,

This sounds well within my area of expertise and I would be happy to help you out.
You can reach out to me on

Best Wishes,