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Suggestions from search field-is this really how it's supposed to work?


I am working on creating an online clothing store and i have included a search field where the user types in whatever they are looking for eg Dresses, blouses etc then this information is retrieved from the database and appears on the same page as a repeating group.

Now i wanted there to be suggestions when the user typed in the searchbox, i think i managed to do that but i noticed the search filed only offers suggestions using what another user or the same user had typed before, is this how suggestions work?

Because if that is how suggestions work in Bubble then that means even if a user types in a search term that is not even related to the site ,let’s say the user types in “Pet food” in a website that deals with selling clothes online then that particular search time will be saved and suggested to another user which would be utterly wrong since that search term doesn’t even exist!

I am looking for a way that i can maybe type in particular suggestions (that are related to my site )that would be suggested to a user when he/she starts typing. Is this possible? If so how?

Have you used the Search Box element ?

That offers the type ahead function (it sounds like you are getting your browsers history ?).

But you need to define what values to pull back, so …

Searches for the names of fruit.


Yes! That’s what am using,the Search Box element!
Like you said, looks like am currently getting my browsers history! This is not what i wanted.
How can i get suggestions from my database as opposed to my browsers history?

Click on “Define List of Options” when you add the search box.

Then search for a text field as above.

It will look like this …

I have clicked on “Define List of Options” but what i have done after clicking on that am not sure am doing the right thing.

How do i share (my website- work in progress) on this platform so that you can advise ?


Here is the link, i hope you are able to access on your end?

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