SUM all data for a certain type

Hello All,

I have ran into an issue that I assumed would be easy to resolve, and I may be over thinking it. Here is the scenario. I have a data type called “MACHINE” and a type called “WHEEL”. Each machine can have a list of wheels. Each wheel has many data fields, once is called Horsepower. Within my UI, a user can generate an operational inspection report. On this report I want to SUM all the Horsepower values. For example, the average machine has 8 wheels, each with different horsepower inputs.

What is the best way to calculate all wheel HP for one machine? The data type WHEEL saves the MACHINE ID for each wheel entered. I only want to SUM all the horsepower inputs for the one machine.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Assuming you are still looking for the answer?

Taking a specific machine, in this example belonging to a group:

Parent group’s Machine’s Wheels list’s Horsepower:sum

What this does is get a machine thing, get the list wheels, get each wheel item’s horsepower into another list, then sum that list.


This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!