Sum values for Repeating Group


I would like to sum up the value of inputs in my repeating group without having to use my database. I would like to do the calculation as soon as the page loads, pulling existing values from a database and not have to enter in values manually into the input boxes for this to happen. When I change the values in any of the boxes, the sum should automatically recalculate accordingly.

There will be hundreds of these values in my app, so I want to do all of this on the front end of my app.

In the example below, the sum should be 35.

Ive built this using the instructions in this thread, and Ive managed to get it to work. However, the solution is not sufficient for me as I have to enter in all the values manually before the summation works, even if there were preexisting values in the inputs from my database (in my image above, the inputs are filled in but the summation does not display anything).

My issue is that for some reason, the Bubble workflow only allows me to access the inputs when I make a workflow for an element. It does not allow me to access my inputs when I create a “upon page load” workflow, or any of the workflows in the general section for that matter.

Does anyone know how I can get around this issue?


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Heres exactly what I am trying to do. I have a repeated group nested within a repeated group. All of the data is being fed to the app from the backend. I can also change the parameters in the front end such as the prices and the names.

I would like all of the prices to be summed up and added together automatically when my app loads and also every time I make a change. So all the red values should add up, and then display the summed value one level up. Subsequently, all of the blue values again should add up and then display the summed value one level up.

Hello, did you try the plugin RG Extractor and RG Data I think it could solve your problem. I was in the same case and I solve the issue using this plugin

Thank you so much! That solved my problem exactly :smile: 2 weeks of frustration solved in 10 minutes :joy:

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