Supabase plugin API key not found

hi Team, i m a software developer aiming to create a SaaS using bubble + supabase. I tried to replicate the demo project from Supabase Plugin | Bubble to my own bubble project with supabase plugin, but it fails at sending request to my table in supabase. It keeps on saying No API key found when I already put my supabase project’s aon public API key value in the Bubble’s plugin setting for Supabase. Can anyone help?

This is my calendly, incase it is easier to just get on a call to troubleshoot it.

Can you post a screenshot?

this is the error shown while calling get table:

could it be because I m using the plugin you built, it is read-only and its API is set to take your project URL instead of mine?

Have you entered your api key in the plugin settings?

Here’s a link to the editor:

yeah, no worry I fixed it by copying the API calls into a new plugin and changing the project URL to my one