Supabase x bubble x unified_api / Pass API data to external backend via API without saving the data?

Here again,

thank you for your help.

Because i had faced some challenges, (Dynamic option sets, product_variants, attributes etc - #8 by juliwo14) i moved my backend to supabase.

Everything works fine with supabase, but i can´t wrap my head around the right connection to bubble.

The main function is getting product, customer and order data from providers like shopify (unified api provider) and passing it to another users shopify account.

I use supabase, because of the essentially large datasets, but also because i cant really save the product variants (sku) as needed in the database.

So whats the best way to

get data from the users store
save it in supabase without actually saving it in bubble
?sending it back to bubble
and pass it to the other users store

I´m also open for other “workflows” - maybe i´m just thinking in the wrong direction

Thank your very much for your suggestions