Super Email Plugin using your own SMTP server

Super Email is the go-to solution for users seeking limitless email sending capabilities. Take control of your email delivery process today and unlock the full potential of your web application with Super Email.

Unlimited Email Sending: Super Email eliminates email sending restrictions, allowing you to send emails without any limitations. Whether you need to send hundreds or thousands of emails per day, Super Email has you covered.

Private SMTP Integration: Connect Super Email to your private SMTP server for complete control over your email delivery. Use your own trusted SMTP provider or set up a dedicated server to ensure optimal deliverability and reliability.

See the TikTok Demo

This plugin will enable the user to send email without using sendgrid. Cheer.

this look super usefull - how do you connect with the smpt server? i could not see the privacy details of the plugin.

Dear sir,

Under workflow → plugin-action you will be able to see “send email”

After you click on it, you will see host, that is the place to key in your custom smtp server.


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