Support for ISO 8601 formatted dates in API workflows

@Bubble - Can you please add support for ISO 8601 formatted dates in API workflows? Bubble currently treats these as strings, and it obviously would be ideal to store this data in date type fields.


A couple examples of these dates are:

  "expected_delivery_date": "2017-09-12",
  "date_modified": "2017-09-05T17:47:53.896Z",

Is there an existing workaround that I may not be aware?


@josh @emmanuel I’m running into the same problem. I’m only able to import the date as text. Bubble is not recognizing ISO 8601 date/time formats as dates.

This is an example of the field coming in from an API that Bubble is identifying as text instead of a date.
“createdDateTime”: “2017-11-11T16:44:45Z”,

I figured this out. I needed to update the data types from text to date when setting up the API calls.

After that I could format the text field to display in the correct timezone for the user.


I have a huge need for this. Have an api that returns dates in YYYYMMDD but Bubble refuses to recognize that as a date. So my database is stuck with string objects. Grrr.

Bubble is node.js, right? Why not just include moment.js so the API connector can let us force Bubble to understand our API return values???



Now that I’ve thought about this more, I’m actually furious… it’s pretty obvious that the “date:format as” functions are powered by moment. But moment also does the converse, right? AAAARGH. Let us convert text to dates!!!