Supporting more Stripe currencies


Stripe supports creating charges is dozens of word currencies, but in the workflow for creating a charge I only see a handful in the currency dropdown.

Is it possible to include the full list of supported currencies?

If not, would it be possible to at least add HUF, CZK, HKD, ZAR, NZD and SGD?

Thanks in advance.

We add that on a request basis. I’ll add these today.


Thanks Emmanuel!

Can you pls also add NGN as well. Thanks.

We’ll add this today or tomorrow

Great, thanks.

Oh, and btw, this is the symbol: ₦

Thanks again.

Hi Emmanuel,

Would it be possible for you guys to add the NIS (Israeli Shekkel) to the currencies that can be used on Bubble via Stripe?

Many thanks!

We’ll add ILS next week.

I use Cobubble’s stripe.js plugin and have charged in whatever currency a client of mine needs that stripe supports. Just look at stripe’s docs for the allowed currency codes and use it based on your site’s currency.

Hi Emmanuel,

Have you managed to add the Israeli currency in the end?

Many thanks!

ILS is in the list.

Hi Emmanuel. Can you pls also add VND as 100.000 ₫ . Thanks.

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Hi, I have not found anywhere CZK (Kč)… please, tell me where to find?

Can you add MYR to the list?

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