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SVG Images Not Displayed

Hi, I am facing what it seems a really weird situation. This is the issue:

-) I have created a thing for site images and icons; there is a text field for image name and an image field for images;
-) I have uploaded as “new entry” a dozen icons that are SVG files
-) right after uploading, in the data section, a new image is not visibile

-) but if I click on “see” link, the file is there on S3

-) and after that the file is still visibile in the image think as well as in run mode of the application

PROBLEM IS THAT IF I CLOSE BUBBLE, THEN THE SITUATION IS BACK FROM THE BEGINNING (no images visibile and I have to click on “see” for each image but this will last only for the session).

Am I doing something wrong ? Is there anybody out there that can help me with this issue ? Many thanks


Strange. I’m using svg in my apps and I haven’t had any issues like this. What browser are you developing on?

Hi, I use either Chrome or Firefox. Now I have changed those icons as PNG and work fine.

What is really strange is that if you inspect the browser page you can see that the svg files are there with the right link, but the preview of the image is blank. But If you navigate to the cloudfront link, the image is regularly opened.

Don’t know what to say. I have been thinking about having uploaded a wrong file format, since I have opened with Photoshop the original svg icons, changed some color and then exported as SVG.

Weird for sure. If you can replicate it with consistency, I’d file a bug report bout this one.

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