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Swift + Bubble for Native Mobile iOS Applications

Correct, just make a network request in code to call the bubble API.

Hey csblack,

I am EXTREMELY interested in building a native app. I am trying to build something that is pretty simple but keep getting 10 or 15 thousand dollar quotes. I am starting to learn swift, but would GREATLY appreciate some direction. Please let me know what you think.

All the best,

Hey there. 10-15k for a native app is a pretty reasonable quote. Obviously you’re talking to indie developers, because an agency would charge at least 30-50k. Building a high quality native app takes time. Any good Swift developer can easily command 10-15k/mo elsewhere. Considering a high-quality native app would take a couple months, and require maintenance, I’d just hire somebody.

That being said, if you don’t have the budget to hire someone, I’d validate the business idea first. Native apps are nice and shiny, but revenue is more attractive. Deliver the product to market & generate enough revenue where 10-15k for a native build isn’t a problem.

What are you building?

Thank you for responding. My issue isn’t the price that has been quoted to me, its that what I am asking is uber simple. It’s basically three screens. I completely understand paying thousands of dollars for a more complex app, but i just cant understand why anyone would charge that much for what I was asking.

Do you mind taking a look at this video to get a little understanding about what I am asking?

I really appreciate the help.

In that video you outline a native app that has:

  • Video Playback
  • Group Messaging
  • Group Notifications
  • Custom Menu
  • E-Book reader
  • Profiles
  • Settings

An app with group chat, video playback, a custom menu, notifications, profiles, settings etc. is effectively a social network and a full blown development project. It would probably take 3-6 weeks for a competent developer to build this out + revisions, fixes, & other issues.

I understand that you think this is “uber simple”, but in reality, it’s a bit more complex than you’re suggesting.

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The things are already built on bubble and all we need are api calls. Everything will still be stored on bubble for those who are not on the mobile app.

Bubble as a backend is only part of the equation.

You also need the app designed.
You also need notifications.
You need the messenger built.
Because you’re doing messaging, you’re probably are going to want to use Firebase’s realtime DB.
Data needs to be accessible offline, which means Core Data.
You need a custom menu.
The list goes on…

All of this takes time. The quotes you’re receiving seem very reasonable.