Sample mobile apps

Similar to websites built using bubble showcased on; can we checkout any native apps for iOS that have been published in appstore using bubble already ?

More specifically, I would like to get an idea of the following things:

  1. Is the interface more responsive in an app & how much ?

  2. Can the user data be stored natively and accessible faster ?
    Assumption: I’ve built a messaging app prototype for desktop / mobile web. On reaching around 30 messages in a repeatinggroup, it became so slow that it takes 5 seconds for messages to load when user loads the group. I assume it only gets slower as size of databases increases search and display time. If this was stored natively, I assume it would be faster.

  3. Does data load and display faster ?
    Assumption: Currently it takes couple of seconds to display list of users with photos. Similar timelags for many actions. I assume its also a function of memory and power accessible to the page. Being native may add to computing resources available.

We have 2 apps in the process right now. Currently the only one on production is the bubble app (built on bubble itself).

Generally speaking, the performance is going to be quite similar to web apps for now. But 1) we’re working a lot on speed right now for the web (and hence for apps) and 2) when we’ll push for mobile that’ll be the first thing we’re going to address.

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Hi Emmanuel,

Is there a direct link anywhere on this site for the iOS Bubble app? I am trying to download to test my app concept, but ‘bubble’ is a frequently used word so searching that word leaves you in a sea of apps.

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Hi all!
My native app is already available for iOS. Although I’ve used a different container to transform my bubble web app into native app(to make it also available for Android), I think it’s a good example for all of us willing to develop a native app using this great platform.

My app is a network that connects users based on what they recommend on what they love, so the best way for us, as bubblers, to see the functionality is to recommend BUBBLE:

I’ll be more than pleased to receive your feedback!


Hi Diego,
could you tell us what different container do you used to transform your bubble web app to ios & android app?
Thanks in advance.

@caeroa, of course! I finally use, as it is the more stable and reliable one. You can try it for free

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I have to say also that the iOS version works very well.The Android one needs some initial time to charge, but once it’s charged also works quite well.You can try my app to see what I mean:



Diego. I cant open the link. I get a server can’t be loaded error

Sorry! It’s

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

@Diego are you able to use facebook login and push notifications in your app ?

Yes, the Facebook login works, but I’m not using it.
And the push notifications is a premium option that I’m not using neither. As far as I know is quite easy to implement. :wink:

Hey der ! Can you tell me if there is any documentation available for generating an apk or ipa file from bubble platform ? I am looking forward to publish my mobile app on either of the stores using Bubble.

Can u give the link of your app so that I can go through it.
As the above link is not working

Hello Diego,

Do you still have to code your app with groups instead of different pages if you use And did you pay the full 790$ to convert your app?

Thank you,

Here is a new alternative:
Convert your webapp into a android mobile app.

It costs 13usd only and it’s google play ready.
Uploads and geolocation work fine.

Give it a try.