Tab Element? With dynamic content list etc

I can see the element template for tabs, but there doesn’t seem to be anything else, whether a plugin or not, for tabbed content? I feel like this must have been a hotly sought after element, so perhaps I’m missing where to look or something?

I would like an element which can show tabs and tabbed content, I want to be able to dynamically add tabs to it. As an example, say I have 10 different content panes. I could click a button and select one of the content typed from some UI, and it would add a tab to the tab element where the selected pane is visible. I can then add another type of content pane onto another tab, and removing tabs (optionally, dragging them to re-order them as well) should also be accepted.

Is there a plugin I’ve missed for this? Something kind of similar to perhaps, but built for bubble with things exposed to it?

Otherwise, is what route might I go down at doing such a thing?


Unless something has changed recently, you have to build this the old fashioned way with buttons, custom states, workflows, and use the conditional statement when custom state is “XXXX”, “this element is visible” checked.

It’s a pain.