Table element issue

Table element is awesome for sure. And i know it is still in beta right now. I dont know if it is a bug or not but i can’t do a conditional search for anything other than basic elemnt stuff. I’m doing something wrong or it is still lacking some basic stuff already done to repeating groups?

Yeah its annoying I have found some workarounds for the things missing

If you are trying to do “this tables list of X” you can just put the search condition of the table into the conditional “do a search for X first item is empty” for example.

Also if you have conditionals that change the data source, I would recommend using a hidden variable that is a repeating group and have all the conditionals to change the data source on the variable, and you set the data source of the table to be the “repeating groups list of X” and make the conditional statement on the table element to be “repeating groups list of X first items is empty”

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