Taking Outcomes HQ to a Pitch Competition

Hey friends, tonight is a startup pitch competition here in DC. I had the idea for this product about 8 weeks ago and have been building during nights and weekends to get ready for the silly competition. Check it out at www.outcomeshq.com and please give me your thoughts! It’s 100% built on Bubble, no code, and currently being used by 9 companies.


Wow, thoroughly impressed! Nice work, Andrew, and good luck in the competition! (Nice, simple, and attractive site, BTW.)

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I like the design and the concept! Very well done. I will send you via PM some UX improvements I would consider. Good luck!

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Nice job!!! Love the design. Let us know what happens

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@sudsy thanks for the kind words. My partner is the designer, I just do the business and Bubblin’ so I can’t take credit for the look and feel.

@JonL I saw your feedback and have responded. Thanks for the thought!

@eduKit thanks, and will do. We’re up to 13 companies since I made the original post, so hopefully we add 2 or 3 during the competition tonight.

Wow!! This looks amazing, @andrewgassen!! So thoughtfully done! Best of luck to you and your partner in the pitch competition! :slight_smile:

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Great work and congrats on already breaking double digit customers, I’m sure there will be lots more to come! :tada:

1 quick tip, I was making an account and did not know the Account Password needed a unique character, I just kept hitting an error trying to create an account (kept trying to simply add more characters). Maybe have a specific note about what is needed for a valid password or if it was there and I just missed it, make sure the error message highlights what is needed

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Yeah, @JonL found that, too. Oversight on our part 100%. It’ll be fixed by the end of the week!

awesome design @andrewgassen! I know this would be super valuable at larger companies that always lose track of the full vision. Nice work on hitting 9 paying companies even before the pitch!

Would you want to list Outcomes on www.Nucode.co as well? Such good inspiration for other bubblers!

Started building 8 weeks ago and already $900 MRR? Amazing. :rocket:

How did you go about promoting it?

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I didn’t, I just did a small bit of customer development. I spoke to 10 potential buyers before we built anything, then again continuously as I was building. Honestly, I just followed the lean startup methodology to the letter!


Great job, @andrewgassen, congrats! :clap:

Nice job @andrewgassen

Can I ask what plan you are currently on at the moment? I assume your be scaling as more customers hit the site. But frontend seems nice and quick with the UI you’ve put in place.

Thanks! We’re on the 16 dollar a month plan for now. I don’t seem to run into the performance issues many others complain about, so either I’m lucky or I’m building much simpler apps.

@levon thanks!

Great job @andrewgassen.
I was also going to ask about the speed. I didn’t login but just navigating through the pages is really fast.

Here are some few minor responsive issues I found on mobile.

All the best in the Pitch.

Echo all the above comments but just one small observation… Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

On your “sign in page” when I mouse over the don’t have an account yet? Click here! It looks like you have a mouseover condition which changes the font colour to the same as the background. Just saying

I do have a question for you @andrewgassen what was your driver if you don’t mind me asking for the black and yellow theme? Was this purely to be consistent with the plug-in for cookies detection?

Good catches. We spent zero time on mobile optimization, so if things look good at this point, it’s accidental :smiley:

@Bubbleboy we put zero thought into color scheme. It was originally all black and white, and we added color when that got too hard to manage. My co-founder is the designer, so he may have some thoughts behind the color scheme, but honestly, it doesn’t matter so we didn’t spend any time on it. Long-winded way of saying the cookie bar didn’t influence the decision lol

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Hi @andrewgassen

I had a quick look, interesting concept - and definitely a need for lot of companies/teams - and very well executed. Congrats :v: Makes me thinking a bit about SMART methodology.

All in all, i really feel that products based on methodology/process that help companies structure/assess their way of working have a great potential today…and for building this you don’t really need deep tech but more deep thinking.

In this domain, just saw recently that IDEO launched something (https://www.shape.space) - however I was quite disappointed by its intuitiveness/UX …

Curious about the pitch, how did it go?

We got a “special mention.” I wasn’t looking to raise money, so we weren’t technically eligible to win the pitch. The investor panel said we had the top presentation and the best founder-to-problem-space match.

It was good to have something public to make us sit down and work. I’m a big believer that if you can’t get something meaningful and valuable built in 6-8 weeks, you’re scope is too large. Obviously, this varies by industry, but with software, it’s definitely possible. Nights and weekends for 8 weeks got us to where we are today, and we even picked up another 5 customers from the pitch competition itself, and are engaged in talks with a local startup accelerator about having them adopt our tool for their next cohort.

All in all, it was fine! I just wish the venue didn’t cut off the air conditioning 30 minutes into the 4 hour event.


I see the domain is not working. Project dead?