Tawk to plugin is not installing

I am trying to install Tawk to the plugin on my website but I am unable to do that. I have installed the plugin but it is not showing up on front end.

Anyone can help me?

Hey @lomjim123,

You can just create an HTML element on your page, then paste the HTML code that Tawk.to gives you.

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Hey @lomjim123 :wave:

@johnny has it absolutely correct.

Here are some images to help you out even more. You can even just put it in the header when you have a paid plan. When you are using the free plan you will just need to use an HTML element and drop it on your page somewhere. Check it out.

First, add a property:

Second, enter your URL details, it should probably be the live version, not the test-version like my example:

Third, copy this data:

Fourth, paste it here:

Fifth, :tada: tada:

Alternative fourth step if you aren’t paying for a plan yet:

Hope that helps! :blush:

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