Teach me to create API call

Hi I need someone to teach me how to create API calls using API connector.

I tried it and it didn’t give me any value. We can make a conference call using zoom and I can show you how I did it and you can guide.

I know the API works, I tested in other tool, in R.

I expect it’s going to take only 15 to 20 minutes of your time. Let me know what your rate is and we can do it today if you are available. Thanks.

Which API?

My own API. Just need to call it from bubble app.

Check out this link.

It should help you out.

Thanks @georgeciobanu
I am using the api connector but it didn’t return a value. That’s why I need help.

After further investigation, my app didn’t send the parameters because the API was called when the page was loaded because I called the API from an input box under initial value. At that time of page loading the other input boxes that store the parameters were still blank.
However even after I input / changed the value in parameters input boxes, it still didn’t return a value.

Perhaps another solution is to call an API from pressing a button after all parameters have been inputted. But that I also didn’t see an option on how to call an API to change the value of an input box from a button workflow.

Have you initialized the API call in the connector?

Yes. I did it already and not sure how to test it in connector

This is the latest update on that. I was able to create the API with the help from @philip and when I tested it on the page, the API was called successfully and it showed that the parameters were captured (based on the log).

However, it didn’t return a value from that call. When I checked the API provider’s log, it stated that the API call didn’t pass the parameter (parameters were null).

I attached below a screenshot showing that the app was able to capture the values from the input boxes but it didn’t pass it to the API provider.

Do you think this is a bug issue or something else?