Team plan - white labelling

I’m trying to have clients use their own url (www.<their_business>.com) to access a part of my website (

  1. My understanding is that the Team plan will allow me to achieve the above use case where each client could use their own url to access part of my site and they would have their own database. Is this correct?

  2. My real question is whether the client database can access my full database (ie, see details of all clients from any client business).

Use case for part 2 is that each customer will have a credit rating which is aggregated from data in each client’s site. In effect I want each client to access a global / common customer database while being isolated to their own respective product database. the client app should know if customer is their customer PLUS get customer credit data from other client’s that also have this customer.


Team plan does not allow that.

You need to go third party with something like CoAlias

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Thanks Chris. Glad I didn’t upgrade my plan there :slight_smile: