Template For Running app?

Hello everyone,
Hope you are doing well !

I have a question :
I would like to create a running app like “Strava” or “Nike Run Club”
(I already have a small audience that asks me for an application of this type)
My question: Is there an Application Template, free or not free, that I could use as a working basis to create my own application?
A complete Application Template?
(And who offers personalized training based on the user’s choice?)

Thank you in advance for your help !

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After some quick browsing in the Bubble Templates library it doesn’t look like there is, and with the current setup that is pretty much the only marketplace for templates specifically. If you’re new to Bubble, though (I can’t tell, but your forum profile is new so I’m making the assumption), I usually recommend starting fresh as it’s tough sometimes to parse what a Template designer was doing and how everything works.

As a side note, you may want to check out @roman.furman0 and team’s Natively mobile app wrapper since it looks like it will soon be the only way to import Apple Health data in to Bubble.


@flowtron thank you for mention :pray:
here a latest update: https://twitter.com/romanfurman0/status/1628414563048628225?s=46&t=5LVkxe10h2nAaphV9YnPIA

In a first release we will have only Read permission, but will add Write + workouts later depending on users feedback

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Thanks a lot !!

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