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[Template] Grocery app Built with Bubble

Hi Citizens :wave:

Demo page: Groceries App Template | Bubble

We just launched a basic groceries app using the new responsive engine. Also planning to add a lot more features before raising the price. We’re giving away a coupon to be used with this template, we’ll also add a drivers app from 3+ sales.

Coupon with 50% off, limited offer and can be used up to 50 times. Coupon code is GROCERY

Price will go up to $199 once we have a drivers app added :+1:

Main reasons why you should buy

  • It’s built on top of the new responsive engine, which makes it easier to modify the template
  • We’ve spent 2 weeks on this app, you can save time by buying this template for a one-time fee
  • We’ll build more features long-term, you can have these updates for free

Anyone that buys this template should customize it in their own unique way so you can launch your MVP succesfully with your own unique app.