Template Selection for Newbie

Hi there
Just arrived at Bubble and taking first tentative steps…

I’m looking to build a real estate directory with a template if there is something suitable but I can’t tell what functionality the templates utilise.

I’d like users to be able to list there properties and pay a fee to publish.
I’d like to have a number of fee options depending on the user - private individual, indie agency, corporate agency.

The user interfaces look great but how can I tell if they will function in line with my needs (which are also still a work in progress)?

I’m also seeing suggestions for AirBnB templates but no idea how they work differently.

Any direction is much appreciated. :blush:

Hey @thepaintedpearl,

Welcome to the Bubble forum and Bubble in general!

A rule of thumb is when you are new to Bubble, don’t start with templates. They can confuse you and make the building and learning process harder than it has to be.

If you are going to build on top of a template, you can edit it as you see fit. You can make any changes you want!

If you like, we are currently offering free 30-minute Bubble lessons where we get in a Zoom call with you and walk you over any issues you are having or even help you build the Real estate application yourself!

If you like, head to Bubble Coaching | New Horizon Code, select sign-up, book your free session and let’s build your app together!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bubble,
The team @ New Horizon Code.

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