[Template Update] TinyDirectory - A modern listing and directory template

Hey folks :wave:

I just updated my template TinyDirectory - a versatile solution for managing any type of directory, from tools and startups to scholarships and non-profits. Its beautifully designed and high-quality features make directory creation effortless and fun.

Feature Highlights
:white_check_mark: Listings Home Page
:white_check_mark: Fast Global Search
:white_check_mark: Listings upload via CSV
:white_check_mark: Filters
:white_check_mark: Google Auth
:white_check_mark: Admin Dashboard

and a whole lot more :fire:

Template Page - TinyDirectory Template | Bubble
Demo - https://tinydirectory.bubbleapps.io/

For any questions or need help customizing this template for your project, you can find me at www.tinybuild.studio