Templates & Element Templates

@emmanuel Just a simple idea if you allow us to create Element Templates so we can use it in our apps and templates that are available in the Bubble store as it will serve to significantly speed up the re-use of individual element templates. Beats copying and pasting the set of elements every time!


Yes it’s on our list of things to explore.


Any news on this? Would be a big help

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Any updates on this? A marketplace for this would be nice as well.

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Hey can anyone help me. I can’t find the “element templates”. I’d like to have the Tab Element and Sign Up element, but I can’t find them.

@utmaxwell77, this is a very old thread where someone was proposing an idea. The place to find the sign up elements these days (along with other pre-made elements, but not a tab element) is the Component Library, and you can access that library by clicking the Components button/link located toward the upper-righthand corner of the editor.

ok thanks. Do you know if/where the tab element is available. I have it an app I made, but I can’t remember where it is.

I think it used to be in the reusable elements area, but I don’t think it exists anymore.