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Text element cannot render the Rich Text Input's attached image

Hi, I was trying to display an attached image in the Rich Text Input, in a text element, but the image just won’t appear in the text element.

This is the setting that I use:

as you can ee, the text element on the right hand side is supposed to show the rich text input’s value on the left.

Then I did this:

The picture URL I used is a dog pic:

After clicking Insert, the dog image failed to load on the right hand side text element (but it rendered just fine in the rich text input area).

Curious about why it happened that way, I inspected the html element, and found out that the tag is not correct

as you can see in the highlighted html code, the link was input incorrectly by the rich text input (with an extra http in front of what would be the correct link):

… src="**http:**"

Is this a bug? Or am I doing anything wrong? Appreciate any help, thanks! :slight_smile:

De Yang

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