The best of bubble freelancers

We have had our share of bitter experiences hiring some freelancers;so thought we had sum it up for other’s who aint used to this platform.We still have a few developers working on and off;so the list will be updated.
This guy is a bubble slayer. Quick to understand, can read instructions (doesn,t crib about skype), communicates with clarity, updates every time he concludes of a task, gives recommendations; but the one thing that awed us is the speed. He’s superfast with things.

The most patient dev we have ever worked with. Ali,we believe is a self taught programmer; but his efficiency in understanding a concept is unparalleled. We had describe Ali as the problem solver. He gets downright to the issue and solves it no matter what. Atleast he did that for us and it was awesome. The good part;he can read instructions and is not a skype cribber either.

And then there are the scam boys. Here’s a tip;ask for their linked in profile and see how they disappear.Look them up on dribbble, google or else. Nevermind, they simply don,t exist!!

Some warning signs to look for:

  1. We only develop a project from scratch. Well, good for you; that’s because you have no clue of looking up a workflow.
  2. Can’t do this without skype. What on earth had you do if skype weren,t there?
  3. I am a bubble ninja and charge 100$ dollars an hour!!
  4. I will get back to you…zzzzzzzzzzzzz.!!Move on,that ain’t happening!!! If you ain,t concluding with your dev in an hour with the task, he ain,t good at it!!

Thanks for the recommendations. I wish more people would post who they would recommend as well to get a good idea of who is trustworthy and worth my time and money.


Thanks for the nice review @affiliate.mnb

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Appreciate the shout out!


I wish I had something to contribute to this thread but I appreciate the referrals! @AliFarahat and - would you guys mind reaching out to me for some freelance work as I need some help building out a school MVP project (I can’t figure out where to send a private message)? I have everything designed but I’m struggling with getting the databases and workflows doing what I want it to do in the app format (i.e. not separate pages). Please reach out if you’re open and interested!

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Hi @AliFarahat

Are you interested in some freelance work? I’ve tried to do it myself but I think it’s better to use someone more experienced.

Please PM if interested.


Hi @AliFarahat , I need someone to help me finish a proyect, if you are interested please contact me

Hi , are you available for freelance work I have a developer team that is trying to work on my project but there seems to be a long learning curve for them I have all of the sketch files for the app plus one custom page contact me here skype donnellbc1 / whats app 19495102533

Hi Ali - how can I reach you to get a quote?

I just added you on Linkedin

I’m looking forward to connecting.
I’m new to the Bubble Community and looking for a Bubble Freelancer. Thanks!

Thanks for reaching out Chris.

This a good thread. It would be fantastic if all bubblers who hired help could recommend those devs here so its east to hire / to be hired. I think a third party site (can’t remember whom) has attempted to list all bubble devs and reviews in the past but not sure if they became the go to directory.


If anyone is looking for a helping hand reach out, as I want to dedicate more time to working on bubble.

I will be able to help with pretty much any project you may have.

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Are you still finding a project?
I have an offer for you (project work)
Can you direct me in Telegram? (@kelpione)
Thank you

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Please reach out to me, I’m looking for some help.